President Donald Trump on Monday night announced his most recent batch of pardons and commutations — 32 in all. While many critics had hoped that Trump would pardon former FBI Director James Comey (to the consternation of many congressional Republicans) or issue one of his more than 200 executive orders — a move that would get around the need for further legislation and therefore no-risk, easily avoidable action — Mr. Trump did not do either. Instead, he focused on people whom Mr. Trump thinks have “served with distinction” and should be “tremendously proud” of their service. Mr. Trump, it appears, was not similarly moved by, say, news reports that he pressured former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to correct statements he made at a congressional hearing. However, in addition to those pardoned by Mr. Trump, he issued a handful of commutations, including one for a small-town fire chief with a “long history of unwavering public service.”

On the list of pardonees:

Madam Gini Griffin, a former aide to former President Richard Nixon

Ronald Taylor, a prison worker convicted of stealing government workers’ paychecks

Chad Papke, a former Secret Service agent convicted of lying to agents and inspectors general about the 2015 White House situation room breach

Andy Black, a Tennessee sheriff convicted of obstructing an investigation into corrupt election procedures

Former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis, who led the congressional investigation into the fraudulent Whitewater land deal

Wanda White, a midwife who was convicted of performing abortions without a license

Donna Gore, a former Immigration and Naturalization Service officer convicted of falsifying records

Former Deputy Defense Secretary Evelyn Farkas

Former Air Force Chief Master Sergeant William Lackey