Bruce Springsteen is a legend.

If you've ever had a PSA from the Boss reminding you to have an annual prostate exam, just acknowledge that it's a work of genius.

And what is a good ass check without a little bit of ? Not only is Springsteen a consummate professional, he's also aware of the cycle of blood on the PSA test and knows it's time to have a catch up run with a doctor.

Instead of doing the usual with the drug Maxalt or other such "treatment" involving pain and a long-term commitment to a combination of pills, Springsteen's doc is trying something new.

The prescription: A visit with a legendary rock star for a PSA test and a member of Bruce's band to record a message thanking the doctor.

Cameron Sacks, a 47-year-old doctor at the Portsmouth Regional Cancer Center, has been giving Bruce his annual prostate exam since 1999.

His current test is replaying an epic 8-minute video that Springsteen called "Just A Shot To Remember" during the Heart of the Beast Tour back in 2002, and is using it as the inspiration for this new one.

With the screen-capture of the 2002 video displayed on the screen behind Springsteen as he's getting an annual check-up and thanks Sacks in his PSA take, Bruce asks, "hey did you get my prostate exam?"

This year, instead of sitting down with the Boss (he's not doing the elliptical this time around, sorry!) Sacks took the stage for a special performance. The doctor recorded a video message with his friend Jonathan Wood of The Boss' touring band, The Wrecking Crew, welcoming the doctor into the toilet (this is actual toilet paper) and playing the audio off the screen.

The end result is a memory of the "perfect song to remember the exam with."

It's also another compelling piece of marketing for the doctor's hospital and an opportunity to connect with a legendary rocker.

Dr. Sacks says he has received calls from musicians around the world including Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, U2, Tom Waits, Donovan, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett, and Jon Bon Jovi.

So if you're one of those lucky people who has received an annual prostate exam from Bruce Springsteen, then you can thank .

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[Image: Bruce Springsteen/YouTube screen capture