Dr. Phil wore a fat suit on yesterday’s episode of his show because of the “insatiable appetite” his audience seems to have for stories about obesity.

Here are some of the highlights of yesterday’s show:

The "fat suit" was “a necessity,” he explained on-air, and the guests’ encounters with the fatties were proof that “there’s something wrong with [them] when they’re hurt or seen as unhealthy.”

He shared a story of a man he did a film with who found strength after his mother died. Now that her ashes were scattered, the man is a year older than he ever was prior to her death.

The “suits” got so in people’s faces that the narrator basically just sat back and let people squirm.

And the best part? There wasn’t a single mention about whether or not the show was appropriate for kids to watch! Just disgusting.

Because he hates the way we feel all over our bodies, he also showed another guest who has a fat tummy. “You eat better than the average person,” he told her.

Even more disgusting: He shared a clip of a man telling the camera that he’s so obese that his legs can’t move and he can’t stand.

Watching that was just painful. But then to think that maybe he’s only worried about what’s on the outside of someone’s body rather than what’s going on on the inside?

Look, Dr. Phil is entitled to make whatever controversial statements he wants to make about body image, but not when he draws so much attention to himself.

You can’t lead by example — you need to try and follow through with the right behavior if you want to improve the way others feel about themselves.

By ignoring all the advice available, Dr. Phil (or one of his producers) should probably just take a timeout from talking about fat and stand up for the kindness and acceptance we all need instead.

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