Dr. Phil wore a jacket with a brand new logo and slogan: “Real People, Real Stories, Real Rights.”

In an episode of The Dr. Phil Show airing yesterday, Dr. Phil got into character, donning a fat suit, leather jacket, and four-inch high pants to “play” with two overweight guys (played by his own sons).

At first, it was unclear what was going on.

Dr. Phil told listeners that the coat was “making it difficult for me to stand up straight,” then added, “Sometimes you’re going to have a costume in order to go in a sketchy room with tough people and through an exercise called taping this show.”

Of course, talking about his body on national television is tantamount to someone self-flagellating at the altar. “It’s fair game to discuss it,” he said, “but one thing to know is this is not somebody saying we should be putting you down.” Then it was on to other subjects.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that these topics are to be covered in the docu-series My Weight Loss Story, which will air on March 5, 2020. He said that he planned to “talk about all kinds of stuff,” such as relationships, concerns about money, concerns about women, and the things that women think he’s “hurt” them about over the years.

And of course he had to bring the fat suit up again.

“You can be overweight and use that to your advantage. Why don’t you just stay there?” he asked. The guys pointed out that they already hid the suit for the event and would prefer not to participate in the show. Dr. Phil weighed their offer seriously and thoughtfully.

Finally, he did address the subject of obesity. “You have to consider your health and how you want to live your life and consider what’s going to happen here in the next five minutes,” he said.


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