After a wild night of hot and heavy pussy-having at the Golden Globes, Dr. Phil sat down for an interview on his long-running talk show and, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, channeled his inner fat suit and strutted around the office, showing off his post-slut-hot bod.

But in reality, "the new Dr. Phil" was the real deal, and it turns out Dr. Phil is not this gilded, floppy-legged randy man, according to the show's staff. Instead, Dr. Phil and his wife Veneranda Doan are just normal, good-looking, normal married folks who love watching their guests on the hit syndicated talk show. And to be totally honest, if those two did get naked on the couch, we might not mind that much, now would we?

Still, apparently not everyone can be comfortable in their own skin, so Dr. Phil wore that fat suit so everyone could feel like they're "adopting."

This is what Dr. Phil gets on the show... a wet suit (the old fat suit) for a challenge! — Dr. Phil Show () January 15, 2019

"Everyone has a healthy normal, and this is just the show's interpretation of normal and balanced," a show rep told the Times. "Everyone gets a suit and the actual issue, there is no sexual connotation, nothing that's exploitative."

But how come he didn't mention last night's gyrating Golden Globes bodistas during the official interview?

"It's tough to get that kind of phrasing out of him," an anonymous show source told the Times. "The show does its best to reference things that are meaningful to Dr. Phil, but this is usually what the standard disclaimer looks like, like, 'This is not a good time for strong statements'..."

Someone just whispered: Sexy cartoon character don't look so hot in the suit! That's what I hear! But... to clarify, there's a reason Dr. Phil is wearing a fat suit (a bunch of fat suit costumes?) and it's not because of the Golden Globes.

In fact, a regular person wearing one of those suit would look incredibly hot. But the fake man is still hotter than most normal people out there (duh) and this is a slap in the face to all of our PC bodies-obsessed friends who generally do not feel compelled to pretend to have body issues in order to be on a popular TV show. We know you hate how we get naked and slut-shame each other all the time (for crying out loud, we have gifs of us doing just that). But when Dr. Phil claims he's the squeaky-clean guy we should get in touch with his inner fish-out-of-water, allow him to show off his -- what would our "doctor" call it? -- "facelift?" That's perfect! You're going to have to do some research to find a zit or a back bite.

Dr. Phil Wore A Fat Suit On Yesterday's Episode Of His Show But Just Sat There Without Addressing Any Body Positivity Stuff Video Credit: Dr Phil/YouTube

We don't know if it's post-Golden Globes or pre-peak body positivity season, but something seems to be happening right now, and it looks like Dr. Phil is in on it!

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