Dropshipping has a phenomenal future, and ShopViner developers wants to help get you there. Once again, ShopViner has developed a service that will simplify email and delivery by blending the complexity and originality of community-built dropshipping sites, while delivering the simplicity and productivity of a retail e-commerce website. With this new online platform, dropshippers can bring their products from the start to the finish-free of design and building complexity and for far less money than traditional dropshipping sites.

From a pure visuals perspective, DropShip is an instant hit. You will see clear, images that aren’t too pixelated or fuzzy, and they can even be saved and shared. Each product is stamped and glued together like a file cabinet, and fully magnetic. This means you can drop-ship something that’s anywhere and does it very quickly and easily.

In addition to their previously designed dropshipping catalog, it would be easy to assume that DropShip is solely the kind of site that features loads of slick, cool products. While they do, a large portion of their listings are all the functional kitchen, home, bath, and other wearables and housewares products you could ever imagine.

You can also browse DropShip from the customer facing dashboard. You will see a clean, well rounded list of dropshipping contacts, and all the product descriptions and contact information. You can also bookmark products and post dropshipping receipts in a private group, and can create your own files, images, dropshipping lists, and shipping lists. You can even directly schedule dropshipping to a product of your choice, or select a predefined dropship date, time, or destination.

DropShip is focusing a lot of its energy on the electronics and wearable category. They will actively publish dropshipping lists from the time the DropShip box is shipped to its location. A dropship can be specific to a product type or a region, and can be easily updated and requested.

How does this help the dropshipping community? It makes the process of dropshipping simple, efficient, and cost effective. Also, why would DropShip be using people’s time and money to remove their beautiful, architect-designed products from the public eye? It’s doing a great service for the community.

Are you looking for more ways to streamline the entire dropshipping process? ShopViner team is here to help you do so. Visit shopogyni-developers.com to see how DropShip can help you streamline your dropshipping efforts.

Pita Checkanyek is the founder of ShopViner, an online dropshipping store. Check out ShopViner in Beta here.


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