By utilizing real-time feedback and using physical feedback to push users toward positive action, CODAP has helped people achieve significant improvements in their daily lives. It's exciting to see such encouraging results. With 35 years of research, CODAP-affiliated teams have created wide-ranging solutions for major causes—from mood control to weight management to addiction recovery.

Whether testing their drive to become better drivers on an asphalt-braking course or challenging family members to combat childhood obesity, the CODAP teams use feedback that can be delivered right to the heart.

CODAP researchers have devised a successful system to deliver a wide variety of feedback to people in the most positive way possible.

To learn more about innovative feedback systems, check out the Edmonds Hospital and CODAP's upcoming conference:

• Conversation by CODAP at the I AM BIG event in downtown Edmonds

• Project & Prevention Summit in Hilo, Hawaii on March 9-10

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D&R Consulting and Edmonds Hospital are providing an update on CODAP this month at I AM BIG, a social, inspirational gathering hosted by Inbound Marketing Technology.

Whether gathering with engineers, dieticians, counselors, parents, musicians, clinicians, or members of the general public, Conversations Through Feedback has successfully used feedback to help individuals and organizations take control of their lives.

Their trademarked "passive feedback" technology relies on indirect feedback, physical and/or verbal feedback, use of a third-party information source, or other interactive method to provide messages the person is already thinking and feeling.

The process of delivering that feedback in a positive way doesn't happen overnight. It can take weeks, months, or even years. By implementing Lean Six Sigma principles and other management practices, CODAP is able to respond quickly and effectively.

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