Long ago, “Bernie Bros” discovered that it was an easy way to get hate mail from those who couldn’t quite get it about Donald Trump. But a starched white collared shirt with a T-shirt underneath may not be enough to contain partisan fury these days. “Bernie Bros” weren’t so bubbly in the last year. Sleepless nights. Sabotaging of his platform on everything from healthcare to Medicare for All. And now, it looks like he’s coming out a loser in 2020.

Rumble in the Jungle. It’s a debate, yes, but one that pitted the Donkey — Hillary Clinton — against the Elephant — Donald Trump. Two candidates in one year — one Democrat, one Republican. And who ends up on top?

We know who won in 2016. But it’s worth mentioning now that the 2016 election may have drawn America into a battle to the death it hadn’t experienced since, in the four decades before 2016, there was also a bloody civil war. Yes, watch that episode now.