More than 100,000 electric vehicles will reach Britain’s roads by 2020, according to new estimates from industry figures. The British government has committed to phasing out all internal combustion engines by 2040 in a campaign to cut carbon emissions. It also aims to build 5 million zero-emission public and private transport vehicles by 2050. Earlier this year a report showed that electric vehicles would be made up for just a fifth of the market in 2020, with car manufacturers bracing themselves for potential sales declines of up to 40 percent. But in a bid to ease tensions between major manufacturers and electric car enthusiasts, it emerged that Daimler, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Volvo, Tesla and Volkswagen will produce electric models across the board. The plans indicate that while brands are not abandoning diesel and conventional petrol, they are positioning themselves to fight for customers who are opting for electric.

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