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Back in November, I met a very attractive guy online for the first time.

They left me wondering if it's possible to know someone from e-mail, but he seemed too friendly to believe. So I decided to meet him offline at a coffee shop in Times Square.

Something about this guy really caught my eye — the way he wore his eye shadow, the way he said “uhh,” in his sleepy voice.

Coffee shop awkwardness aside, he was really cute and a down-to-earth guy. But I don’t think I had met him before and just was wary of online dating.

Well, things changed on my next visit to the coffee shop (not that I regret it). I noticed this guy in my corner of the room, and I found myself eyeing him too.

E-mail can’t substitute for actually meeting people.

I hate the online dating scam, but we’ve gotta be safe online before we start planting seeds.

He immediately got my attention and asked if I wanted to have a nice conversation and see his work. Great!

But I was hesitant. After all, why not start by telling him that I’ve been a local news anchor for The New York Observer for 11 years? That’s a pretty impressive radio career. A lot of women would be flattered to meet you at that level!

Then, he asked me to explore our mutual love of animals. Sounds exciting!

When he asked me to attend a yoga class, I found myself excited for the chance to meet a fellow yogi. But I noticed that he’s not one to be found in traditional yoga studios. He taught classes in a Chinese-themed dance studio, and those classes were more the stamp of him than any ancient spiritual practice. He was more in sync with my block and age group.

In any case, I ended up at this mixed martial arts academy and definitely got more bang for my buck with these five simple, easy-to-grasp GIFs, including a juxtaposition of himself and my torso. See how it was for him and you will be able to imagine how you would look out of your online partner’s frame.

PHOTO: Amazon

Now, not all women have to be booked into yoga at a mixed martial arts academy, but they can use these GIFs to look like they do or they can leave the dancing to someone else!