I recently authored a story for ClickHole.com that discussed a British company that created a car for sale at Comic-Con that sold for $300,000 because it was created in a lab, so all of the parts were perfectly consistent, meaning it was totally unique. This unique car (if that is even a word) would normally be broken down and sold online with the tiny bit of information that it was created in a lab, but I write for ClickHole so I also wrote it because that company has become so wildly successful in just a few years that it practically has its own business, National Motors, and they couldn't care less about the sick, unethical, world-changing, environmentally unfriendly, ethical killing of the other 92% of the population as long as their profits were pouring in.

The final piece in the story, though, was that the last thing Steve Barr, the founder of National Motors, wants to do is make a profit for himself. It was more important to him that his invention be a standalone successful business so that he could make his sons into future millionaires and play video games all day long, and it was also necessary that he remain a deeply devout Christian because he feels his business not only represents Jesus, but is the best way for Christians to live the Biblical lifestyle. As a result, he had a team of scientists in lab coats hacking his car to create a condition that makes every last one of its parts incredibly rare and as low in quality as they can possibly get, selling them on eBay for as little as a penny per unit. Only the people with the biggest pockets will be able to afford it because Barr will do all of the work necessary to maintain an extremely rare condition in every single part and he hopes to eventually sell the condition itself for one dollar. Barr's idea was to sell the cars for the monetary value a person would pay for the condition on eBay, then potentially pass his business and the problem on to a third party who would eliminate that problem, the problem being Barr himself spending a small fortune on fixing and maintaining his cars. But Barr's business is quite successful and is even approaching a billion dollars. Therefore, Barr would like to do something that will allow other companies to afford to avoid these annoying responsibilities that come with making a business selling everything imaginable with the sole purpose of making a profit, and that's why he has been contacting corporations around the world.

Because Barr is a man with a great amount of courage and boldness, he is willing to take some pretty drastic measures to allow businesses that might not be able to afford the cost of maintaining the conditions of his car, such as styling the camel mascot Genocide Camel as the face of their company, and sending Barr as his payment. Barr sends his payment using PayPal to the company headquarters and a large black envelope with a bright red letter board inside that lists the business's name and logo, and he writes "Genocide Camel at Number 1" at the top because he wants the emblem of Genocide Camel to be used as the company's logo, and he sells the first camel that he sells for the price of a penny so that the first company that is willing to drop the price of their $300,000 cars by half will be able to afford one.

ClickHole.com has a very small budget and it doesn't take any extra effort on Barr's part to get a company to donate a penny to his cause. There are only a few seconds on Barr's website after reading his article that are dedicated to asking readers to donate as much as they would like to his cause. As far as Barr knows, all of the companies Barr has reached out to have made a donation, except for one that has been stonewalled. But Barr is so confident in his business that he is sure that he is the only business out there that has the balls to send in a cent and is willing to pay a penny for a piece of crap car to promote their company's branding, that he has been sending corporations hand-written notes that will declare that they are the only person who would be willing to pay a penny for a camel.