Ever Loved wants to upend funerals by matching consumers with morticians who match funeral and casket requirements. The funeral company just launched today in New York and is hiring funeral directors to manage its new virtual funeral chain. When asked if they’re really the best to give people whatever they need after they die, if the arrangements are ever cost conscious, and if the service is cost competitive, Ever Loved reps were adamant.

Ever Loved puts a lot of money into organic outreach. Shropshire Green, who performs funerals across America, directs me to the company’s website, where members can choose from 100 funeral directors listed. Ever Loved says to click on someone’s bio, then look up the geographic distance between them and you to find out if the mortician is in your area.

“Our primary focus is on the funeral homes themselves because they’re where a lot of people come to when there’s a need for a funeral service” Ever Loved co-founder & CEO Ashvin Thakkar tells me. Because they see funerals as a daily business that require professionals who speak not just to you, but many others, Thakkar says their team seeks out candidates “who can speak the lingo, who are as knowledgeable as they can be.”

Ever Loved aims to be a better option for those who already trust these professionals, as they may not be capable of changing with the times and are going into the service business because they want to be their own boss. The funeral homes they partner with had to sign off on Ever Loved’s costs and operations. Morticians who can meet Ever Loved’s standards are offered a flexible code so they can share the cost, as well as work together with their clients.

The ideal match would be a director and a driver who handles the paperwork instead of a a funeral director driving the car, or a funeral director getting help with the paperwork and driving the funeral on its way. Ever Loved says that people will be in their 50s or 60s, with an average age of 63.

As for when financial prices will drop, Ever Loved reps say that prices should start getting the same as they do in doctors’ offices. “We’re really coming in at the end of the process, and the cash flow is really looking like the expenses for the funeral and the casket, and the typical expenses for a funeral like the distribution, which are really not insignificant” Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer Alex Collodi tells me. “We’re not giving people quite as much as a funeral director, we’re just holding down those costs and trying to make sure the consumer has some protection.”

And eventually, Ever Loved will have a direct-to-consumer network like Refinery29.com and iPropertyStars.com, where you could set your wants and needs for funerals. The solution will pull in the heavy machinery of homages, caskets, services, flowers, and music. Ever Loved sees itself as unbundling the funeral process.

By taking on much more than it can handle, Ever Loved is building something it hopes will be something others don’t do for as long. Perhaps the morticians may be slow to change so easily. “It’s been in the industry about 300 years,” says Collodi. “How the world changes, we’ll see.”