By Christine Paris, CPE

Trying to reach your goals, plan ahead and set realistic realistic goals for yourself and your team members? Then why not turn your life into a game? A new survey by consultant consultants Pravin Patel and Associates and commissioned by suggests that:

60 percent of respondents feel that gamification can help them make better decisions and more effective choices.

66 percent would be more motivated and strive for excellence when employed as a team member.

47 percent would be more motivated when exercising together.

Let's see if it does the trick.

Americans play more than 450 million video games each year, and make more than 7 billion video game online purchases in just one year. Gaming is the number one activity of the most active individuals. The Internet has made this possible for more and more people, and the top reason is gaming on the internet.

Fast forward to the information age where search is king. Together with your colleagues, finding a job, loan, etc. is as easy as one simple click of a mouse. What if your team could make things happen without you having to click on a single link to get involved? In fact, a gamer could even be on an escalator and just have a friendly conversation with the person walking ahead of him or her to figure out if the elevator is going to open or if they need to open the doors. It is amazing that just a few simple clicks of the mouse could bring many professionals together so they can work together as a team in real time and improve that business project together!

Gamification can be a great way to add success to everything from your learning, growth and achievement of your goals, goals and success to how many friends you make. Gamification can bring team-based and individual collaboration with one click!

Dedicated players are seeking themselves and the gifts and skills they seek to learn. Players seek real experience and insight and even learning outside the game. People seeking a richer and fuller learning experience seek opportunities to build a better future in all aspects of their lives. Gamification brings connections, engagement and the potential for lifelong learning and inspiration.

In so many ways, to achieve our dreams, goals and achievements and even improve our productivity and satisfaction we need to be involved. Gamification can bring players closer together so they are even stronger and smarter. We can all improve and work more like the one we wish we could be with a little help from Gamification!

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