Reporter: You’ve been asked a lot about the criticism of your debate performance as a sissy for not trying to get in Trump’s face — some saying you weren’t aggressive enough. I think the answer is pretty simple, congressman. That was a one-in-a-million storm. You were in a party that had an epic battle over Donald Trump and you weren’t invited to it. That set the stage for you and your ability to be charmingly unflappable and look like a reasonable alternative.

Ret. Lt. Col. Pete Buttigieg: I know and understand the dynamics of that. I understand why the pundits are all over my level of aggression and his level of aggression. That’s why I think it was appropriate to not weigh in on the fight that was going on between Dr. Carson and the party at large. I left that fight alone, to take advantage of my time in the ring. And with me is what they’ve used to give me credit, as when you have tough fights, when you can fight with your opponent and not take them to the ring and to eventually become a referee is something that’s very fine. It’s not something I can do in a one-on-one match.