The arrival of a new tablet or smartphone for your little ones won’t just change their lives — it could also help strengthen the space we’re living in.

If a new digital device has ever been considered the ultimate gift for kids, then consider a cheap, high-quality option from the likes of Amazon or Google Play. Not only does it make it easier for kids to learn, but it also means they are getting a taste of computers when they’re not at home, making future break-in and theft problems a lot less likely.

For a better idea of how one gadget could be useful, consider checking out these books from the New York Times. Then make sure your kid enjoys it.

The lesson may have worked, but what about the hardware? The last thing a parent wants is for their new smartphone to disappear and the device get lost.

A good way to prevent a product’s disappearance is to buy a phone case that will keep the product safe from the elements, instead of making it easily lost.

If your child has a difficult time opening a case, consider a lock that will help keep the product safe. Here are five popular options:

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