Two Australian retailers started advertising koala gifts on Facebook as fundraisers for George Bush’s presidential library. After said the message, “Live like a koala, die like a koala,” was posted on Facebook, an outcry online forced the store owners to distance themselves from the ad.

But now we know one thing: They may have lied to people in the beginning.

Kevin Noakes, who owns Australian retailer 100 Koalas, told Australia Network News, “It’s on me that we put up that.”

The ad was making the rounds on social media Monday, asking users to buy items of koala memorabilia in exchange for $1.00 donations to George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

The site shows a photo of a rosy-cheeked Koala from Australia’s Department of Environment and Energy. A second photo shows a smiling Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, in their Texas presidency. (That photo was taken at Camp David in 2000.)

Bush Park Conservancy Foundation raised $750,000 this past year. This number included donations from the Bush family and individuals who identified themselves as supporters of the man who ran the NSA and War on Terror.

Former Dauphin Island Mayor Robert Roberts told Bay News 9 that if the Bush Library campaign was a hoax, it would be the worst campaign ever. He mentioned how that campaign went viral on social media, saying, “I mean everybody knew about it when he [Bush] walked down the stairs [from his train] into town.”

As of press time, the site still had not responded to’s request for comment.