Facebook recently banned two cancer treatment groups from advertising for promoting powerful fake cancer cures.

Comes hot on the heels of the company’s move to suspend ads for health products associated with alternative health practitioners.

Here are the full text of the Facebook announcement:

The Facebook Community Standards state that “we do not allow advertising for products that, directly or indirectly, promote products that contain foods, drinks, and other products containing potentially toxic substances.” We also do not allow advertisers to run paid promotions for companies or organizations that provide unproven products or products that lack meaningful scientific evidence.

Two groups have been banned for violating these Community Standards, in violation of our policies banning ads for potentially toxic products:

1. The Christopher Beaumont Foundation. This organization is a cancer treatment research center focused on finding cures for cancer and how to prevent cancer from ever happening. They were found to be sharing a couple of fake “pharmaceuticals” which are counterfeit medications that have not been approved by the FDA or any other entity. These substances are actually fake human growth hormone, one of the ingredients in a number of fraudulent cancer treatments.

2. Pharmanetics International. While they publish scientific studies, they are also responsible for sharing fake medical products for use on animals, with no scientific evidence. In addition, they’ve published a wealth of ineffective medical articles claiming that natural remedies “cure” a variety of cancers, using bogus statistics about efficacy.

We’re continuing to take steps to keep Facebook a safe environment for marketers, while also maintaining the integrity of our products and platform for our community.