On Sunday morning, April 7, Danielle and Sean Miller of Belle — just down the road from Tulane University in New Orleans — got a delivery from their grandson, who wanted to come over and get some personal care for some household appliances.

"Sean had kind of alerted me to it because he started asking me questions," Danielle told ClickHole. "Then Sean said, 'Do you like Converse? Do you like the sneakers I got?' I immediately said 'Yes.'"

"He was like, 'Are you sure?' I was like, 'Yeah.'" But the 10-year-old he mentioned had something else to say. "I said, 'Don't tell me what you like, because I don't care. Just take them,'" Sean, 35, shared.

Their grandson, Xavier, knows their son and his partner, Logan, are going through a rough patch right now. Their long-time partner lost her battle with cancer last month, and the family is in turmoil. "Logan got sick with a severe, severe cold, and a month ago, he passed away, and there was a whole other side to him that people didn't get to see." Danielle says, "I went to his funeral. My body was just physically there the entire time."

Meanwhile, Logan's sister, Taylor, has had some issues of her own recently.

"The new year was definitely going well for us until my sister came out of rehab and got involved with a mob of people," Danielle said. "She was arrested for underage drinking, and in March, I got a notification from her probation that she had violated probation."

Taylor checked herself into jail, and after being out of the system for a few weeks, she made another problem discovery.

"She sent me a voicemail the day before she left, saying, 'You know this guy. He just told me he wanted to have a threesome with me and two other girls.' This is our sister. We sent the authorities every photo and video we have, and at that point, Sean met with the probation department and they searched us for weapons," Danielle said.

Ultimately, they found nothing illegal in her house, but it could still land her in jail. "Right now, our probation is sitting there for about a month and a half to a year," Danielle explained.

"My niece wants to go to college, my other niece and her boyfriend want to get married, and my parents have lost everything. It's been very traumatic for all of us," said Sean. "My parents have offered to have her move into the house until they figure it out."

"We have to do the best that we can and try and do as much as we can for her," he continued. "I'm just hoping that everything works out."

Though they will probably go through more heartache, by themselves, they'd probably never be able to survive this. For them, the only way to heal is to keep moving forward.

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