FIFA is one of the most-recognized sports institutions in the world, and the tech giant Samsung has been working on improving the accuracy of offside decisions. Now the company has announced an advanced voice recognition assistant developed in-house.

The company is working with Nielsen Soccer to bring an AI system called ScreenIntelligence to use AI to predict when a player is offside. The system utilizes data gathered from both on-field analysis and crowd interactions to determine what side of the field the target player is on.

According to Samsung, the data gathered from the crowd at stadiums in Mexico and Turkey will be used to build a model of crowd predictiveness. Researchers are also adding other stats such as time of possession, and the number of occasions a player has touched the ball, for also being used in the model.

Developers would be able to conduct in-depth analysis of a player’s performance in real-time, but also use the findings for crowd predictions. This will make the prediction system possible for all stadiums around the world.

Already, the system has been used by FIFA to help its officials during the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and World Cup preparations.

FIFA has been turning to technology to help referees in recent times. It’s been testing some of its own custom apps that allow referees to review themselves on video. In 2017, FIFA and VAR technology provider Infront created a special system to judge goals, penalties, and how much time is left on the clock.

In September 2018, we reported that the World Cup will use Intel’s Smart Stadia solution and Intel’s 5G technology to help provide better technology experiences at soccer matches.

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