LONDON (Reuters) - British rail freight firm William Cook Rail has doubled its depot capacity at its historic West Yorkshire plant with a new extensive overhaul workshop that can take in up to 1,600 tonnes of freight per year.

The firm, created last year through the merger of the businesses of British rail freight firm FirstGroup and services firm William Cook, operated by the US railroad company Norfolk Southern, uses the expansion to build product for its own rail freight business, and build custom-build in-house rail networks.

“Over the last 12 months we have launched new projects including joint venture intercity services, an intercity solar power network in the UK, new intercity rail coaches and new applications for the Parsons Whitebidgee rail rolling stock engineering design and consultancy business,” FirstGroup freight rail CEO Ben Parsons said in a statement.

The new workshop means the firm will now be able to take on an additional 2,500 tonnes of freight annually which has an estimated value of 250 million pounds ($360 million).