Slate staff writer Adam Bellow traveled to the Brooklyn home of Uzo Aduba, an actress known for her role as Crazy Eyes on Orange Is the New Black, to record her reading of Mary Schwalm’s How Bibliophiles Flirt.

Karen Moyer was furious when her boyfriend, whom she married three years ago, started snooping through her computer during one of their dates. With only a few days to go before their planned breakup, she decided to give him a taste of his own medicine: She printed out a dozen magazines and pretended to look through them. Within weeks, the two were engaged.

Why did she go through all those magazines and why did he think it was so funny?

Wagner Moura is Brazil’s “most skilled impressionist.” When he mimes a conversation between three black students at a predominantly white college, we’re not in the realm of political satire or sneering slapstick. It’s that level of dedication to classic black comic and film impersonations that makes Moura such a brilliant performer. We’re treated to iterations of everything from Michael Jackson to Bow Wow Wow. Viewers of Moura’s tribute to The Marvelettes (“Yip yo fucking thigh, buddy!”) are inundated with hipster words like “effortless,” “melodic,” and “f*cking.”

Overwhelmed with feedback from angry viewers, Moura released this video of himself recently translating Don DeLillo’s Underworld into Brazilian Portuguese. He shows us the lengths to which he’s gone to get DeLillo’s look just right. Was he a human fudge machine or just a gorgeous person?

Who would ever marry the darkest romcom this side of “The Descent”?