The last time that the Mormon has served in the White House, it was widely known to the world. It was a question if he could get the deal done. For those who grew up in an era when Jimmy Carter was president, it was hard to forget the lack of planning, the botched shuttle launches, and the short-lived effort to shuttle the basketball team to the national championships. For those who remember now, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which George Herbert Walker Bush gets re-elected over Michael Dukakis in 1988, despite the scandals and gaffes that ultimately led to Bush’s departure. The same goes for George W. Bush, whose presidency was overshadowed by the 9/11 attacks, a U.S. intervention in Iraq, and Medicare prescription drugs.

All of these were major achievements in their own right and continue to be seen as crucial decisions when compared to how long or how long a national leader has spent in the White House. There are some scenarios that do not get asked about too often, however, such as when a Republican runs for the presidency. Yet during this past week the story broke that Mitt Romney had been one of the “white horse delegates” who made history by ousting Donald Trump in their balloting at the RNC last week.

Considering that these delegates voted a single ballot at the end of the three-day convention in Cleveland, it is difficult to say what exact circumstances might have broken down to make it possible for the former Utah governor to get rid of Trump. Supporters of Trump did not rush to Romney’s defense when the story broke.

Tucker Carlson, who is often critical of Trump on Fox News, said, “Tell me, is this the first time Romney has robbed a presidential election in the history of the United States?” He added, “This just sounds like racism on steroids.”

Aaron Walker, who is an editor at the conservative website RedState, went so far as to suggest that Trump himself was in cahoots with Romney to prevent a more conservative nominee from being selected by Republican voters. He tweeted: “Before Mitt Romney humiliated Trump in the aisle, the RNC committed a political mercy killing. You can see that evidence by the hypocrisy of a man like Trump.”

Walker may have been able to document the fact that this had happened for the first time, but in the same breath he also accused Trump of using his own crew to ask for fake bills in exchange for votes, even making fun of Romney for signing the oath of office for Trump’s inauguration ceremony. There is also evidence that Trump delegates caucused, even for votes to install Romney, as well as the numerous text messages between Trump and different groups of delegates about locking up the vote against Romney.

Regardless of whatever contributions Trump’s group may have made to the narrative, the fact that the results were overturned by a white horse is at the heart of the story. In fact, Trump’s negative reputation as an amoral business magnate has led to a similar story being called “white horse prophecy.” The name “white horse” dates back to European texts showing the mythical image of a white horse which succeeded in leading a valiant horseman to victory. Those texts also states that the white horse was chosen to symbolize the purity of the blood of noble men, something which can now be seen as a value set within the Beltway.