NEW YORK—Calling for an end to “divisive and incorrect language” and insisting he is “not, and never was, motivated by racism,” former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg issued an official apology Monday for past policies and instances of discrimination toward the African-American community, spokesman Shawn O’Sullivan said. “Mike regrets not having a plan to address the intersection of poverty and education—we can all agree that we have to do better at serving these vulnerable populations—and he regrets unfairly barring the sons of African-American servicemen from serving in the military,” said O’Sullivan, explaining that the city’s former mayor has been reflecting on his actions while trying to come to terms with his conduct in many quarters, particularly the overwhelmingly black community of New York, where Bloomberg served as mayor from 2002 to 2014. “He believes we have more room to grow and that we must build on the positive work being done by the Black Lives Matter movement. That will never change, but he’s willing to understand and address any offenses or examples of negligence that may have been committed.” O’Sullivan added that Bloomberg’s remorse was not just directed at African-Americans or minorities, but also middle-class, white Americans whose futures he had, quite literally, ruined.