Because growth rates are increasingly on their way to being normal rather than exceptional, customers are increasingly invested in the experience of companies–and more often than not are able to name their experience at the point of sale (PM).

When a customer has a great experience, she will then share it with others and that exponential sharing can be incredibly valuable to product reputation, pricing and ultimately acquiring new customers. It is currently our experience that cross channel sharing is the great equalizer between large global brands and small ones. After all, with “big companies” we don’t get to witness the post-sales referrals they do with “small companies”.

We all can appreciate the efforts of established, brand name companies, and yet customer experience, from the employee to the customer care agent to the retailer, is up for grabs to all. What set off the 60 second video viral phenomenon so many years ago, taking from joke to meme, is the increasing sharing of experiences around the world. It’s the emotion–acknowledge “Hey, do I really look awful to you” or “Am I really that bad?”–that is shared around the world.

We are live streaming customer experiences every day, and with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, these can be analyzed and used in the right context.

The following trends are currently hitting the businesses of tomorrow, and that will ensure that the CX frontier remains highly fertile in the years to come.