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En Regional Bank of Tehran (IRB) says its computers have not been tampered with, following warnings from the Italian government about the suspected state cyber attack which targeted major banks in that country, according to Reuters.

A senior Iranian banker blamed the Italian and Italian governments for what he said was “security theft” by supporting “a state-sponsored computer espionage campaign” in Europe.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported on Tuesday that government officials were inspecting data from computers at the financial institution, Iran’s largest Islamic lender.

“Evidence shows the cyber campaign did not reach the system of the banks and has instead reached certain IBR products offered as a service to the customers. It seems the cause was malware, not cyber attack,” state-run IBR said in a statement, confirming media reports.

It added that banks were “continuously” providing anti-virus and technical support to its clients.

IRB has more than 900 branches in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Greece.

Read the full story at Reuters.


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