The Drive By spot opens with a group of schoolchildren in California driving by a bus stop. At a stop light, five girls see a row of puppies to which they individually throw a ball. When the light turns green, they start to do their self-exams. But something tells us we're meant to pick up this symbolism and not worry about the subtext. Watch it below:

Sure enough, it's only from the waist up. Even though female body images and breast self-exams have been prominent in mass media in the past, this was clearly meant to pique our interest — not so much our outrage.

This isn't the first time in recent months the movie industry has provided its fair share of outlandish humor. In fact, one of the week's big Oscar nominees was not exactly a feel-good movie. Mary Queen of Scots featured a shocking on-screen depiction of two women having an extremely intimate, albeit friendly, encounter.

For those that missed it, director Josie Rourke was kind enough to lay out for us what exactly did and didn't happen in a recent interview with Variety. Here is one explanation.

I’ve seen a couple of reactions to this – not necessarily very thoughtful in my opinion. It has both [scenes] – it’s not just one thing. What’s so interesting about the scene that has provoked quite a stir is a line that is taken from the book. It’s taken to a whole other level, because a lot of people have no idea what that line is. They just think it’s about…I hope that there’s no literal interpretation of it. Let’s just leave it at a polite, pleasant exchange. The scene between Mary and Queen Elizabeth was very delicate to get right, and then you can imagine what it would be like in real life. That’s why in the scene there are no caresses or anything like that. But to my mind, there was no sexual awakening. This is just a very sweet encounter. The story itself is about two queens. They have a duel, they both win. But this young, gorgeous, wonderful woman has killed someone, and the powerful Queen Elizabeth is grieving for her husband, so she sort of makes a pass at her. It doesn’t happen as badly as it did in the movie – there’s a little bit more aggression on Queen Elizabeth’s part. I could see how some people could take it that way. But my intention was to present it in a respectful and modern way, rather than go for anything too overt. There was nothing in the script about deviants or cannibalism or lesbianism. It was about two great, beloved queens – both great people and mothers and sisters.

We only wish more filmmakers would learn from that example.

The Drive By in The Diversionist was actually the movie's second release. They premiered on YouTube on November 28.

Here are some thoughts on the video for those that were intrigued by it, but just aren't sure what to make of it…or were turned off by the raunchy humor.

Where the Women At?! You mean THEY DON'T FILM THIS? Haha. lol Posted by Anastasia Leonti-Rusyn () on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Then TOTALLY LIES About Sex?! You are really full of shit, laugh off some jokes please! Just because I looked at this thing and it didn't bother me, no disrespect to you, it is a bad movie! Posted by Michel Dumain on Thursday, November 29, 2018

TOTALLY LIES About Sex? You mean they don't "find a way to include an S&M moment and animal handling"? Lol — Aimee Carthage () November 30, 2018

Aerially certified bullriding that cuts to the time when the girls take notes, right before the next MALE appear — The Badass Bitch () November 30, 2018

I adore the little balls at a row of puppies at the wheel of that bus stop. Yes, I know it is some very Hollywood-ish absurdity, but the only thing I don't love about this is the title's self-professed "gay" and juvenile" sensibilities. — Isaac Gore () December 2, 2018

There are some pretty insensitive things that have been portrayed in movies this year. You can't ignore that one.

The Drive By just slightly altered its title to "The Biscuit". But let's wait and see how this bears up to public scrutiny.