Microsoft’s top secret internal project has developed a more powerful console than both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Xbox Live developers shared the “intellectual property from what they call ‘Project Xbone’” with journalists, who teased the new console, called Xbone, with a series of videos earlier this month, kicking off a large “E3 tease”.

While Project Xbone or Project X – the codename the team used – is known internally as “Scorpion”, senior Xbox product marketing manager Ryan Rigmaiden told fans at the New York Gaming Expo in February that “It's a monster.” However, no name has been chosen, although Forge added that all future Scorpios will have four-generation compatibility (which means PS4/Wii U/Wii 3/Sei) and while Xbone is the codename, there is also a new project codenamed Goblin who could possibly feature three-generation compatibility (note: it was introduced in the same New York Gaming Expo keynote speech).

Now the new Project Scorpio report, according to GameStop, is that you’ll be able to play Xbox One games on the new console. The consoles power has been determined using the Nvidia hardware. According to the report, which GameStop was taken to explain, there will be a 32-bit hexa-core CPU with six shader processors and 12 teraflops of computing power with an “exclusive real-time ray tracing” technology.

Xbone is codenamed Goblin.

Gamers should expect the four-generation compatibility to occur shortly, and the launch date to be in 2018, according to the site.

GameStop also suggests that if you are wondering what exactly Xbone is, do not panic as it’s not a Nintendo Switch clone (as The Verge and now Mashable are reporting), but another new device that Nintendo should keep its eyes on.

With Project Scorpio, Microsoft can assert even more dominance in console gaming.

It’s also worth noting that a Dragon Age bundle made for Project Scorpio will be available for $499, while other bundles are not priced. However, GameStop is including a free copy of the Xbox game Inside on its $499 bundle.

The market forecasts also suggest that Xbox has the edge in Xbox One bundles this year, with Switch expected to lose ground to PS4 bundles. Nintendo did a lot to increase its own market share after winning people over with its Switch console and its generous systems bundle and available titles.