Kitty Kirk, a guitarist and composer with a title that sounds like it’s out of a bygone ages, has created an art project that aims to celebrate “Generation Z” (those born between 1999 and 2011). And it’s in your Facebook timeline.

In the world, in order to accomplish anything you need a character “with headphones in and a little black book” – only this “black book” isn’t a book at all. It’s just an iPhone emoji.

Kirk is known for her work as a singer and songwriter, but for her project, she’s tasked herself with finding a way to turn the symbols of the future — voice calls, stickers — into the forms of the past. The series of “postcards,” as she describes them, contains images that evoke iconic images of 1950s culture. So, for example, a message that reads “Rejected by Big Apple” would be accompanied by a picture of a double-decker bus with a slogan reading “we don’t need no stinking apartment.”

On her website, Kirk explains that she hopes to “celebrate the fundamental human wish that most generation Z is still the same as you were.” And we have all been there — desperately longing for the time when we were young, free of obligation and time constraints, and surrounded by the things that make life wonderful.

In the meantime, you can check out the project for yourself here.


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