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A German police drone carried out a successful search to find a blind man lost in the woods, as shown in a video capturing the rescue.

The 24-year-old, identified only as Martin, was wandering alone for 33 hours after leaving his home on New Year's Eve.

A policewoman from the Neulan district of Paderborn who is also visually impaired assisted with the search.

"We were able to locate Martin at a forest," the police said in a Facebook post. "His abilities in that area have not been put to the test."

Germany has a force of about 5,000 government-run police drones flying the skies at any one time -- though experts suggest their use can be abused to cover up crimes.

"They can be used in good circumstances and in bad circumstances," Martin Fuchs, director of the DTT Institute, said in a Facebook post. "Sometimes they are used to hide any mistake with a pilot error, other times they can be used against someone who doesn't need to be included in the public eye."

The man was the second person to be rescued by the Neulan force last week.

On February 10, a man called police to report finding his car, which had crashed into a wall. Officers and firefighters searched the nearby area and found the car empty.

The same day another group of 10 police and firemen launched a drone to find the driver, a 63-year-old from the Bernkastel area of Paderborn.

More than 80 emergency responders aided the search, with helicopters being flown over a 40-square-kilometer area.