Gilad Shalit, the youngest son of retired IDF commander Shaul Shalit, was engaged to drop his last name upon marriage. And Gilad is likely to keep his old name, and even add a new one, after marrying his very long-time girlfriend, Nihad Shalit, a Palestinian girl from a West Bank village. In an official invitation to the wedding, which will be held sometime in June, Gilad Shalit plans to change his last name to Isaak. According to his brother Yair, that is Gilad’s “favorite nickname” for his bride-to-be. Yair Shalit told The Times of Israel: “It doesn’t make sense to get married for some special name in order to deal with something that won’t happen, and that you’re merely being told about. It’s not what’s going to make it important. It’s something above and beyond that. That’s what matters.” Shalit isn’t planning to change his name entirely, but he does want to change his last name. “It’s just a word,” he said. “We’ll always be Gilad.”

Shaul Shalit was a renowned military man who was held captive for over five years, and was kept in often unsanitary conditions during his time held by Hamas. Earlier this month, he marked four years since he was released, and expressed his excitement about his new family. “We are an inseparable family from before we were hostages,” Shalit said. “We expect nothing else. We are very excited and very happy.” Shalit doesn’t plan to go public with Nihad’s family, except for “the local, the one in the street, the ones who have relations with me.” “But there will be a relative in the family, from Nabi Saleh,” he said.

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