The deadly coronavirus was first detected in Qatar in 2012, with the number of cases rising rapidly in recent years. It then spread to Saudi Arabia, where 18 people have died from the virus.

Companies are now evaluating how much uncertainty there will be about the impact of this illness on production at the site.

According to sources, some companies in Qatar are worried the potentially deadly strain of the coronavirus may hit as early as next year.

Earlier this week, it was revealed the virus could be stored in fertilizers, with discussions already underway to study how to best contain the potential disaster.

World Health Organization officials said recently that they have been informed some of the operations at power plants in Saudi Arabia may have been affected by the disease.

For instance, a plant source in Qatar recently told his company, Qatar Petroleum, of “chaos” and a “general unease” in places related to the virus.

But another source noted that so far there is no suggestion any plants are shutting down in Qatar or other Gulf states.

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