Wikipedia is more important than ever. Just as its 2600-year-old parent tried to pull the plug on the free online encyclopedia, a previous generation of tech entrepreneurs are keenly aware of the power and endurance of the site.

Many technologies driving the future of online communication rely on Wikipedia, from online searches (including Google and Bing) to social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat) to video conferencing, and even health care (e.g., GoInstant).

What's unique about Wikipedia is that its role in the network is not necessarily central to the user experience, as web pages are usually. Instead, Wikipedia's importance grows when it is used with a closed sharing system like Facebook.

Over the last year, GoInstant, a mobile video chat app, has become a top use case for Wikipedia. As a result, users are creating thousands of Wikipedia pages with GoInstant's community, raising the quality of content and expanding Wikipedia's reach. GoInstant users are the envy of their peers in Europe, North America, China, and South America.