Thousands of gold jewelry ornaments were stolen in recent years in all provinces. Most of the stolen goods are being smuggled to Turkey, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

“Wherever the sale of stolen jewelry is going, there is a great demand for gold. That seems to indicate the value of these pieces. Demand seems to be especially strong in the oriental markets in the Middle East and Russia”,”welcomes” North Korea’s growing trade with Turkey and North Korea trade netting with Russia that has topped $50 million in 2013.

The criminals use forged valuable amulets or charms to sell stolen valuables.

Creative jeweler Mike Backup created a completely original gold gold fly “golden pendant” for the super rich and famous. New York jeweler Shakiar Jahan “sounded excitement when she saw “gold fly”.

I asked how he would perform “standing a golden fly on its hind legs” only to discover that the mechanism is in fact a highly reliable and effective golden butterfly “petal removal lever” necklace charm. Jahan adds that of the hundreds of custom-made jewelry made by Backup with the new gold fly enchanted charm, she has never had one broken. She affirms Backup skill in jewelry design. The gold fly ambience was created by Backup himself “After a personal intuition that the motif must be there”, he designed the design himself.

In addition to all of the black market transactions in gold to create this handmade Gold Fly Legend, Backup reports that he has created at least one other gold fly sky figurine for a “very wealthy customer who desires an elegant, unique hand-crafted golden wings object.”

The gold fly saga illustrates the complex business opportunities and problems involving gold jewellery and gems and their related businesses. Backup reflects,”the gold fly represents a noble, powerful, passionate-historic-mystic and mystical-symbolic object”.

Rest assured that designs of this nature are all carefully conceived and extremely carefully executed. “It must be 100% honest as a work of art” and strictly for the protection of those who crave its beauty.

Designed, made, and destroyed by Iranian-American designer Mike Backup, entitled “Gold Fly Crafted”. Due to Extremely High Demand, Mike Backup has sent shipment of this unique golden object to France for sale.