According to U.S. News and World Report, the new schedule means that teams may not participate in the 9th annual Pictionary Tournament, the contest that attracted teams from across the nation. In the latest edition of its Champions Series, the Spelling Bee said it won’t present a competition until July 25. The first big tournament of the year was announced Thursday and no sign of 2015’s superlative spelling bee.

It’s not the first time the spelling bee has given up its crown jewel. In 2014, the U.S. learned that the National Spelling Bee, which involves a written test and a field of world-class spellers, had been struggling to survive. And in 2014, the spelling bee had to give up its shot at the $40,000 grand prize when an elite spelling association excluded a contestant who had won a regional event, based on similar rules.

The changes to the USGS spelling bee are part of an effort by an organization founded in 1905 that oversees writing and testing for every state-sponsored spelling contest in the country, including the National Spelling Bee. And that organization is playing a bigger role in the Super Bowl of spelling bees.

“We’re looking at the next four to five years and the next several decades,” Maynard Miller, who is the deputy director of competition for the National Spelling Bee told the Washington Post. “I can see where it’s a possibility.”

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