Soon Google Home, with new software updates, will always default to Sonos speakers when it detects that Google Assistant is connected to a device.

A collaboration between the two companies will make it possible for users to play music on a Sonos Play:1, Play:3, Playbar, or Playbase, or to switch the system to use any of the Sonos Play:5 speakers. A notification will appear on the device's screen if it detects the Google Assistant connection.

Voice recognition software built into Google Home has provided a headache for Sonos as Google has emerged as the top player in the speaker market. As first noted by Business Insider, Google's assistant can already be played with anything running Sonos’s software, or a connected TV with an app like Chromecast. That interface will now be unnecessary, allowing users to switch seamlessly to their Google Home with a simple step.

“We’re always looking to make our listening experience better,” a Google spokesperson said. "By teaming up with Sonos, we can give even more people the same, incredible voice experience that their friends have when using Google Assistant."