Google searches for "husband" have quadrupled since 2007, reports Mashable. While “wife” has remained largely unchanged, searches for “husband” during the past few years have climbed so quickly that it doesn’t even look like men are doing what a spouse does when they “click on” a spouse’s name. "Husband" now seems to be a trending term for a man to do the opposite, rather than a word with a positive connotation.

Google searches for “wife” and “husband” haven’t always been this narrow. The most recent data, from 2015, also show a hike in search frequency for men. Meanwhile, more complex titles for a woman — like “wife” — show slightly decreased searches since 2007. But, they are still the most popular means of referring to a female in any Google search.

The increase in searches for “husband” correlates with a surge in Twitter mentions of “husband,” which also spiked after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

The “rampant trolling behavior on Twitter” appears to be largely in response to the prevalent representation of “husband” with an alarming focus on “adultery,” says Brian Jones in a CNN article.

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