Google has just announced a new project called ‘Screen Enhance’ at its I/O conference. The artificial intelligence startup, which has been working for the past few years, can intelligently crop videos into all kinds of compatible screens. The product is currently in its first phase.

A quick illustration: I recently uploaded a video of myself with a Samsung Galaxy S9 and jumped on to the new keyboard to teach it how to type. That’s when I realized just how much effort I had put into every word – something that’s mostly the result of cropping my video to fit a tiny phone screen.

Related to this, Google’s new AI can also take care of image cropping, making sure that photos don’t get cropped too small. What the product can’t do for now is automatically resize all videos taken on a handset, as this will require content providers to access the API and use it to optimize the size of video uploaded to YouTube.

In simpler terms, the technology can help you post a much better video on your YouTube channel without worrying about cropping and adjusting it manually, depending on the screen size of your device.

The tech works with any video format that runs on GPU intensive video-processing software and CPUs, such as H.264 and MP4. You can only sample it in beta right now, but you can find out more about it here.

It’s not hard to imagine Google’s AI filling a void in today’s digital ecosystem. With a constantly increasing number of videos being uploaded to YouTube, it’s becoming increasingly critical to get the best quality videos out there.

With Screen Enhance, Google has been able to take care of the time consuming, but impactful part of video cropping, in case you’re trying to cram in as much relevant info as possible with your latest video upload. Hopefully, we’ll see the tech evolve further, and apps start cropping videos with the help of Google’s technology.

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