gosuper.io, a new tool from the folks at Firefox, aims to help you manage your life in email, with a few surprises that make your life more productive — including the ability to let an assistant control your inbox by simply pressing “OK Google.”

The tool is smart: automatically detects your emails in your inbox and makes you aware of which emails your boss sent you (assuming you see those emails) or your spouse sent you. That way, you can answer the messages instead of keeping them in your inbox.

To work on email-related tasks, it’s great, because you can see them in one “dos” window, or in multiple windows or “lists.” Just hit the “OK Google” button.

The tool is clever: take a screenshot of what you want to get done and set that as your Google Calendar entry. It’s just a few taps away, like an extension or a new emoji.

There are plans to make the tool available for other platforms (Android, iOS, the web), which are due in 2019.

Sure, you can keep emailing yourself meaningless things, but it is not essential for a complete woman.