Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo stood before a room filled with hundreds of New York State housing providers and advised them not to let an expansion of President Trump’s Department of Housing and Urban Development stop them from serving “everyone in the state of New York,” even those who have lived there for years.

“HUD has told you that you’re not meeting community needs,” Cuomo said Tuesday, referring to the Trump administration’s efforts to weaken requirements that local governments hire only local housing providers for emergency housing needs. “I have to tell you this, this is not shelter in place. This is not shelter for the neighbor who lives next door to you.”

“You need to reach out to people who’ve been living in your community for years,” he said. “This is not shelter for those who are on your block or who are across the street. This is shelter for the working family that’s going to be cut off the street in a week. This is shelter for the elderly who haven’t been able to pay rent for two months. This is shelter for the people who need health care or need foster care.”

Cuomo ended his remarks by declaring a housing emergency in New York state.