Attorney Gloria Allred, the prominent attorney for a number of Harvey Weinstein accusers, sat down with CNN on Tuesday night to discuss Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct allegations. She expressed confidence that the civil suits brought against Weinstein would be successful, saying she expects that all of Weinstein’s victims would be made whole, even if the sexual misconduct acts were never proved in court.

However, Allred, who claims to have represented over 500 clients in her career, most notably before the Anita Hill hearings in 1991, repeatedly downplayed the allegations against Weinstein. She said the question remained how many times Weinstein had been alone with his accusers, as the filmmaker had a reputation for hiring women for a company where it was believed he acted “with discretion and elegance.”

“He protected these women because he knew they were fantastic actresses and models but not in an operating capacity,” Allred said. “But he thought they would at least have been cool with the idea of being in this dressing room and being alone with him.”

Allred was similarly skeptical of accusations that Weinstein often humiliated and intimidated women into not speaking out about his sexual misconduct.

“You know, it’s not like he’s telling these women ‘I’m going to whip you every single time,’” Allred said. “He’s like, ‘OK, why don’t you just get through with it.’ It’s sort of like a sort of blunt, rough hand in front of somebody — you know, he can do anything that he wants.”

Allred became less firm on the subject when pressed further on the question by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

“I mean, he was, like, he was nice to them,” Allred finally replied. “I don’t know why, like, people are still telling a story that is not true. He didn’t act like this. And you know what’s so amazing? People have a choice. People have a choice. And they should do the right thing.”

When asked about why she expects the civil cases to be successful, Allred then went on to deliver a rousing defense of her clients, even as she suggested she did not wish to distract from her clients’ voices.

“These are brave people who have suffered tremendously,” Allred said. “They want to talk about their true story to the American people and their country so they can confront the sexual harassment that women experience and sexual violence that happens to women.”

She concluded: “I am confident in the wins, absolutely.”