Heartbreaking: The Jim Henson Company Has Revealed That Jim Henson Was Only Dead For 10 Minutes Before Kermit The Frog Started Eating Him

A new report says Kermit was only 10 minutes old when he bit his puppet grandfather, Jim Henson, to death.

You may recall Kermit the Frog and his family had a long-standing partnership with the famed Jim Henson Company, which sadly passed away in 2009 after Jim Henson suffered a stroke, but a new book details that Jim actually was only alive for about 10 minutes.

According to the new book The Jim Henson Project, Kermit was just four months old when he accidentally ate his grandfather while he was sleeping.

The book reads:

"He got upset about something. So he took off his raincoat. And then the next thing he knew he was eating him, baby Kermit is eating his father. And so he goes to get help. And he decides he's not going to eat him anymore, but boy it must have been a mess. "The doctor was sitting there and he says, 'That's pretty rotten... I suppose it's plausible that a baby bit his grandfather to death.' And that's what happened."

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