A study from word mapper.com highlights the most common mistakes people make when picking up a first brand-new gadget.

It turns out the early adopters and gadget lovers who who go online and read these tips to acquire useful knowledge about new tech things are the most likely to be fooled by a misleading ad and make the same mistake that so many others have made in the past: They buy something only to find that they’ve signed up for a service that they don’t really need.

Topping the list of ways to become your own tech support is to realize that machines aren’t designed for you to troubleshoot.

Be wise when looking at tech reviews. You don’t need to be the right person to offer your advice on a product, you just need to be able to understand basic rules like when a product’s warranty ends.

If you insist on using terms like “hardware,” you can probably forget about buying this product.

Research a company’s history, and its products. You never know what other device or device you may have purchased from the same company.

Don’t rush out to buy a product if you’re just casually browsing for a $20 option. Look for reviews from people who really know the product’s capabilities.

Don’t purchase any tech service if you really don’t need it.

If a company has been around for more than ten years, it is already established. If you choose not to add to its longevity, then you don’t have to buy anything.

These are just a few ways to live your life with technology and learn how to protect your purchase.

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