When I was a junior in high school I came across a newly invented GIF and was all over it. The first time was during the restorative act of penning an essay. I wrote an approximately 450 word essay that I found more impressive than anywhere I’d ever written before. That’s because it had all the abstract premises of a scientific paper listed and associated images whittled down into simple graphics. I’d never written a single sentence before and I knew I was going to rewrite everything to match.

Such thoughts pervaded my adolescence and my early adult years as I read through so many STEM books and saw how fascinating science can be. I was enthralled. These were the days before the internet made science completely accessible and traditional textbooks a thing of the past. In terms of vocabulary, astronomy was “inconceivable.” This was before I ever found myself conferencing directly with a female assistant professor at the University of Mississippi.

Before I grew comfortable playing COD4 all day long while sewing and uni-gaming.

I became your Doreen Virtue, an expert on science and science. You know how science can be totally confusing and hard to grasp. Science can be off-putting and can even be intimidating. This video will help with that. I’m glad this GIF exists.

If you need help with your first entry into science, these videos will help. Also if you want help understanding topics that are incomprehensible to you, my almost 28 years of 10k foot-races have really helped me.

Now, obviously, if you want to understand a science material or concepts that might be too interesting for your young eyes, here are some books for beginners.

Follow the rules, I’m proud to say.


I haven’t included the military because if I do, someone will assume I hate them. The whole point of this list is to help you understand the underlying concepts of these fields. Thus, they are a little more philosophical.

Here are four easy and all-inclusive guides.

However, if this isn’t enough and you don’t get how much your vocabulary sucks, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn quickly. It just means your vocabulary sucks too much. Even if you have a good vocabulary the first time around, a new database will be mind-numbing to you.

Check out this interactive map to see what scientists write about.


If you’re a budget guru, here are all the solutions to your financial problems laid out in this animated GIF.

Try this simple diagram to figure out how many pennies you spend on food.

All right, there’s this full list of simple illustrated collections with links to our corresponding RSS feeds. Just make sure you click on the link before you go down that rabbit hole.

It seems to be unanimous. If you need help learning a really science-y field and don’t have time to read up through thousands of science books, sometimes GIFs can help.