St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a time of celebration. And in the week following Valentine’s Day, there will be a slightly additional buzz surrounding lust-tempting bikinis, pick-up lines, and more. So for those of you wondering about social distancing, or whether you should carry it with you in your pocket for easy access when it is advisable, here’s a simple guide. First things first, here’s how you know what social distancing is.

For those of you not thoroughly versed, social distancing is the act of not having a strong emotional connection to someone else. This is very important. Feelings don’t die just because your fellow human beings are around. Most especially if said human beings are the same gender.

And also, just in case you’re living under a rock,, social distancing can be tricky to define. Sometimes the two things are related. Sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t. So if you’re having a great time with someone at a party and then abruptly find yourself attached to an overhead light somewhere, you can imagine the scrutiny you will receive from her straight-minded family members. But as an added bonus, you’ll already have the admission that she caught the attention of you as part of your atypical social distancing act.

Here’s the bottom line: Don’t be afraid to take your mind off of her or him just for the sake of your own happiness. Plus, if you see her the next day and she still hasn’t been able to get up for an entire day, that may be another excellent excuse for curving.