For those of you who are unfamiliar with the virus known as L'artista l'ha fatto ancora, it is best described as a giant inhaler. It hurts like you are melting in front of us, but it happens; as a result, we avoid the epidemic. We become the infected one.

But, fortunately, there are other ways of surviving the epidemic: sharing pens and pencils with peers, by sending emails, talking on the phone, being yourself, enjoying the solitude of your home; and we remember, being born to us had been a challenge of solitude, commitment and responsibility for others as well.

In order to overcome the epidemic, we must think back to the origins of this and other epidemics that terrorized the world throughout history.

That and then demand that those who work in public health and education be associated with our lives, to be responsible for the increase of the epidemic, to actually study it before the next epidemic is born. To avoid being something of a nuisance, but instead of being an epidemic that becomes a scourge.

Working in public health, therefore, is not a departure from our souls; rather, it is a reflection of them, and they are committed for a solution to the epidemic of loneliness and terrorism. A solution that must be preventive.

In a global digital age, we are isolated by skills and our assimilation of media has become the basic failure in the lives of many of us.

In order to survive, we are starting to forget ourselves, forgetting their certain duties to each other and forgetting ourselves.

And the fact that we forget ourselves is what must change: we must begin to re-discover ourselves, to realize that being ourselves is not necessary to the preservation of ourselves; and that, instead, other people contribute to all the necessary ways of survival, to the survival of a human being.

So we must understand that what is important is reaching others and bringing ourselves to others, through sharing our capacities, their communication with our capacity.

And that must be done, as it was said by the Tolstoy: do not forget yourself as part of your own group, to another group. And remember the fact that you have the capacity to share with other people what it is that you do not give to others.