President Trump’s 100th day in office is a milestone in any administration, but also under the influence of his unorthodox approach to governing. The 105 countries mentioned in last week’s report by the Washington Post are some of the 1,400 American embassies and missions overseas — both foreign and domestic — about which he has spoken at length since taking office. (One Fox News commentator, for instance, called the state department overseas presence “as many embassies as in Berlin” — one of the president’s favorite fantasy addresses.)

During that time, Mr. Trump has moved ahead with a number of big policy initiatives that have historically been the domain of the U.S. Congress. For instance, he signed executive orders that put some of his signature initiatives, such as limiting immigration from terrorist countries, on track. He also signed executive orders on climate change, infrastructure and gun control that will be closely watched by environmental and mental health advocates.

Meanwhile, the goal of fulfilling an earlier executive order to restore the America First narrative — one that attempts to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform — moves forward with a recent move to reverse some regulations that he says will help him fulfill his goals.