× Hillary Clinton is not going to be Bloomberg's VP

(CNN) — Former President Bill Clinton revealed on Thursday night that his wife is unlikely to join billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg as his running mate in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, adding that “it didn’t happen that way.”

The former president also said that he has never thought about running for office himself. “I’ve never considered it, and I think it’s so unproductive to talk about it because I don’t do it,” Clinton said.

“That’s one of the things that I love so much about the Clinton family because we’re all tribal,” Clinton said, emphasizing the political-family dynamics. “We’re all bound together, we all are related. But you know, my husband is a close friend of Michael Bloomberg. We have a lot of mutual respect for one another. And we’ve worked together a lot, as well.”

The former first lady and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, sought the Democratic nomination in 2008 and lost to Barack Obama. She led polls in 2016 until the end of the primary season, when she was overtaken by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Mrs. Clinton, a former New York senator, is best known for her health care legislation as first lady in the 1990s and her role in containing the threat of violence at a 1996 concert in Birmingham, Alabama. She was a champion of women’s and girls’ issues while in the Senate.

Clinton said her husband is a frequent dinner guest of Michael Bloomberg, the founder and CEO of Bloomberg LP. “I mean, a friend as my husband is, but the kind of friend you go to dinner with and talk about politics with and talk about sports with, and we do that,” she said.

Bloomberg founded Bloomberg LP in 1981 and started it with his partner, Tom Malinowski, and partners Michael Klein and Carleton Bernhardt. He went on to be the first mayor of New York to be elected to two terms and serve as the city’s fifth mayor. He also served three terms as US mayor.

Bloomberg was a prominent Democrat during his career as mayor and the first name in speculation for 2016.

“Who would I choose? Well, I will tell you Michael Bloomberg. I think he would be a tremendous president, and I think he is somebody who is just as smart as everybody thinks he is,” Clinton said.