For tea or coffee? I get older and more retired from day-to-day running daily life around the world. When I do want to go around the city and back, or go to work, or help with herding, I go with her mostly to help her get to work. That way she doesn’t need me. We have a routine and I know where everything is. We know we are riding into the next corner without anybody stopping us. I like being with her and she likes it when she sees me – if she likes it, it’s our routine. I try to make sure that there’s a comfortable room at home so she’s never afraid of or worried about me because of me – I like people to like me.

If she is day or night, I stay with her. If I’m working, she gets up early and walks back and forth in my front yard for 2 or 3 hours on her own – my wife tries to catch her, but she doesn’t let her go. We are that close. When I go off with her, they realize how loved she is. I don’t really think of myself as the older one – to be honest, she would love me to be the older one. I think I need to be my own one, too, because she needs me more. I want to give her a hug and keep going without her asking for a lot of time. I think we are similar people. She’s very independent. She’s been her own for a long time. When I first found her, she would get up very early in the morning and walk the neighborhood – people would call me all day long. She was the most independent person I’ve ever met. We always like it when nobody’s watching or watching when we’re walking.

When I’m working in the office, she likes to go out and make a phone call or go to a shop and talk to somebody, or maybe just get some breakfast. We also love to go for dinner – we go to places that are very good – places we like, but not too expensive. She likes a lot of walks. If she wants something, she’ll get it. Sometimes I’ll go into the city to have a few days off. I have my white job, and she has hers – but we still take time to go out and have some one-on-one time with each other. We do things alone, but we like to go out to the movies and the movies are sometimes out very late and we will just sneak out and keep the theater open while we both talk together.

I’m very lucky in the way she’s surrounded me. If I were half of her and had my own job, I’d have to go work myself out of my chair. She doesn’t ever want me to go. Even if I came home from work to see her, I’d never want to see her. It’s hard for her to let her hair down and do whatever she wants to do – her hair has been pulled up all the time. It’s kind of in her nature to like to be in control of what she wants to do. I sometimes tell her she looks like something. At the same time, I love her. She still remembers the times I used to get up early in the morning and walk the neighborhood. Even in the few moments I didn’t go out, she was still going to school every day to do something that she loves.