WASHINGTON—Leaving behind the spotlight he held as the director of communications to President Donald Trump, longtime Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks returned to her original role of White House employee, sources confirmed to The Onion Wednesday. “It’s amazing to look back on this epic journey and see her work here on the White House podium day-in and day-out in front of the President and his minions,” said spokeswoman for the Office of American Values and Opportunity Omarosa Manigault, who added that the 35-year-old daughter of television producer Fred Hicks will now focus on particular administration initiatives that she might “allude to [her] love for some day.” “The President can always count on Hope, and when he asks her to recall some time during the ’70s where they both saw this totally inappropriate dance, she’ll lie through her teeth.” At press time, the embattled White House staffer had reportedly moved to her office, where she is working on a different project entirely.