WASHINGTON—Rejecting speculation she was planning to rejoin the private sector in recent weeks, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks announced Friday that she has returned to the White House to continue working with President Donald Trump. “My return to the White House—while historic—certainly does not mean that I am stepping away from the Oval Office for good,” said Hicks, who flew to Washington late Thursday afternoon from her home in Manhattan, putting her name on a lengthy letter of resignation that circulated to her colleagues one month before she is scheduled to take a paid sabbatical, rumored to last until the end of 2020. “With the presidency poised to have the greatest second term in history, it’s absolutely thrilling to be able to assist in achieving such a massive and special goal.” Reached for comment, Trump confirmed that while he “still cherishes her guidance, great integrity, and sharp mind,” he has no current plans to offer her a position in the White House.